GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, August 17, 2022 – Sucafina NA Inc., the Sucafina Group’s US subsidiary, announced today that it has successfully closed a US Private Placement (USPP), securing US $51.5 million of new funding.

The transaction enables Sucafina to diversify its funding sources and to establish a platform for future Senior Unsecured indebtedness, while achieving its target funding amount.

Six investors, including traditional USPP investors and Farm Credit investors, participated in the transaction, which received US $83 million in orders despite a very challenging market backdrop, and which marks the first USPP for a pure-play coffee merchant.

Rabobank acted as the sole placement agent for the transaction. Rabobank’s Rating Advisory Team worked with Egan Jones for Sucafina’s first ever rating, securing an “A” designation for both the Corporate entity and the Notes.

Philippe Penet, Group CFO at Sucafina, said:

“Entering the US Private Placement market is an important and exciting milestone for Sucafina. It is a tribute to our team’s commitment to live our values and pursue our vision to be the leading sustainable Farm to Roaster coffee company in the world. We are delighted to welcome new key stakeholders on this journey, which will allow us to diversify our sources of funding and further expand our North American footprint.”


Issuer: Sucafina NA Inc.

Issue: Senior Unsecured Notes

Size: US $51.5 million

Use of proceeds: Repayment of existing debt and general corporate purposes

Pricing date: June 17, 2022

Settlement date: August 1, 2022


3-year bullets

5-year amortizing (3-yr WAL)

7-year FRN

Issue rating: A by Egan Jones


Sucafina is a leading sustainable Farm to Roaster coffee company, with a family tradition in commodities that stretches back to 1905. Today, with more than 1,200 employees in 32 countries, the Group is one of the leading coffee trading houses in the world and one of the few focused entirely on coffee. Sucafina’s extensive supply chains span from producer-facing export operations to destination sales offices around the world.