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Speak Up Your Concerns

How to Submit A Concern on Speak Up?

To submit a report, go to and choose between the web intake method or to call the toll-free phone number for your country. The phone lines and web page can be used 365 days a year, and both support your own language. 

Submit a concern

At Sucafina, we are committed to complying with laws and regulations and to conducting our operations ethically. We therefore encourage colleagues and all stakeholders, including clients, contractors or community members who have concerns about conduct or behaviour that does not meet our standards, to speak up.

We view raising concerns positively, reinforcing a culture of excellence consistent with our Code of Conduct. To help support our high standards, we are partnering with Convercent, a third-party platform, to provide a confidential and secure space for you to bring up concerns or issues in the workplace.

Each report will be carefully reviewed at our head office by a complaint manager and will be treated on a confidential basis in the shortest possible time. Complainants wishing to report a case by phone will be directed to a call center where their case will be logged confidentially and forwarded to the head office. We will send a confirmation of receipt for each complaint received and complainants will be encouraged to check the status of their reports on the Speak up website. We will make every possible effort to resolve any confirmed issues.

We recognize that it can sometimes take a lot of courage to speak up. You can rest assured that any information you provide will be stored privately and securely and will be treated with sensitivity and respect. We prohibit retaliation against anyone who has used the Grievance or Whistleblowing Mechanism in good faith. Moreover, if requested during the process, reports can be submitted anonymously. 

We have put in place a grievance mechanism to ensure that every voice is heard. Grievances refer to issues arising out of an employment relationship with Sucafina (such as unfair treatment, mobbing, and harassment). Internal and external stakeholders have access to the grievance mechanism. Grievances submitted through the grievance form will be confidentially reviewed by our Group Human Resources Department.

Whistleblowing should be chosen by an internal stakeholder when Sucafina (or an agent or subcontractor of Sucafina) has breached, is breaching or could breach local or international laws or Sucafina’s Code of Conduct and when the concern is of public interest. Complainants are protected by the law if they report any of the following: a criminal offence (e.g. fraud, bribery), a risk or actual damage to the environment, a miscarriage of justice, someone’s health or safety is in danger, or you believe someone is covering up wrongdoing. The whistleblowing protection provided by the law supersedes any previous agreement (e.g. confidentiality clauses in a working contract, non-disclosure agreement).

Such reports will be confidentially reviewed by the Sucafina Group Risk & Compliance Department.

Check our FAQs to get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Any query or concerns relating to personal data protection can be submitted on Speak Up via the appropriate reporting category.