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Report Your Concerns

Sucafina has put in place a grievance management mechanism to ensure that every voice is heard. Grievances refer to issues arising out of an employment (or similar) relationship with Sucafina (for example unfair treatment, mobbing, harassment). Grievances submitted through the grievance form will be reviewed by our HR Department on a confidential basis and in the shortest possible time. When you submit a grievance, we kindly ask you to provide us with a way of communicating with you. Please note that, before contacting any person in connection with a grievance you have communicated, the HR Department will first liaise with you in order to inform you about the contemplated next steps. Furthermore, we prohibit retaliation against anyone who has used the grievance management mechanism in good faith.

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Should you believe in good faith that the Sucafina (or an agent or subcontractor of Sucafina) is breaching local or international laws or Sucafina’s Code of Conduct, we kindly ask you to inform us thereof without delay. Whistleblowing communications can be made through the whistleblowing form. Such communications will be reviewed by Sucafina’s Compliance Department. Furthermore, we will do our best to remedy any confirmed breaches without delay. Please note that Sucafina is committed not to undertake any retaliation against a whistleblower.

Attention: Please note that the whistleblowing is reserved for possible breaches of local or international law or of Sucafina’s Code of Conduct. For grievances related to an employment (or similar) relationship, we kindly ask you to use the grievance management mechanism outlined above.

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Sucafina has always acted in the belief that conducting its operations with integrity and transparency, as well as with respect for local and international laws, universal human rights, and the interests of its employees and of the communities where it operates is a pillar for long-term success.

The Sucafina SA Code of Conduct – driven by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, outlines our shared values and serves as a general set of policies to assist us to make sound decisions and to illustrate proper actions for conducting business.

Please download our code of conduct for more information.

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