Coffee is a value chain, a livelihood, and a future for millions of people.

At Sucafina, coffee is our sole focus. 

About Sucafina

Sucafina is a multinational coffee merchant, founded
in 1977 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, with a family tradition in
commodities that stretches back to 1905.

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More than 100 Years in Commodities


1200 Employees

40 Nationalities

44 Locations

50 Washing stations

195000 Grower Partners

32 Countries

7 Sustainable Standards

Our Purpose is to Play a Leading Role in Reshaping our Industry by Creating Sustainable Value for all Stakeholders.

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    Global Network, Local Teams

    We build sustainable supply chains that meet the needs of partners.

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    Focused Innovation

    We work to move the industry forward through technology, agronomy, finance and logistics.

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    Shared Value

    We drive efficiency and equity across our supply chain.



Sucafina is proud to release its 2021 sustainability report, “Shared Value for a Better Future.” In the report, you can find out how we translated our 2030 sustainability strategy into an action plan and learn more about our 2021 progress and highlights.

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Supply Chain

Sucafina operates at every level of the coffee supply chain. Whether you’re a grower, middle man, exporter, roaster, or consumer of coffee, scroll down to find out how we contribute to your cup.

Before your morning cup of coffee

Every Child Deserves Quality Education
We Fund a Technical College
And Sponsor Internships

We Care About Farmers' Health
We Rebuilt a Clinic
And Sponsor Health Insurance

Old Trees Must Be Replaced
We Distribute Saplings
And Recycle Cherries and Chaff

We Teach Agronomy and Finance
And Help Form Farmer Groups