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Working in coffee means working with a commodity you can touch. There are dozens of grades of coffee in each producing country, and every step of the growth cycle from the soil to the types of processing can impact the final product. A junior trader can expect to spend months cupping hundreds of samples, learning the costs and methods of shipping coffee from one continent to another, and visiting origin operations to truly understand the supply chain. This requires a willingness to travel, the ability to communicate with clients and suppliers, and the work ethic to achieve mastery over a complex product.

We are looking for people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, willing to accept responsibility and adapt to new challenges. We value hard work, practice over theory, analytical thought, sound financial principles, and rock-solid ethics. We hire locally and internationally, invest in talent, and promote on results.

If you think you fit in with our vision and values, please apply to one of the positions below to start the application process.