GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, October 19, 2021 – Sucafina is proud to unveil its 2030 sustainability strategy, providing a detailed roadmap of initiatives focused around three key action pillars: Caring for People, Investing in Farmers, and Protecting Our Planet. The strategy is accompanied by the release of Sucafina’s sustainability report for the year 2020. Together, the strategy and the report reaffirm Sucafina’s commitment to a more sustainable coffee industry.

Sustainability has long been at the heart of the way Sucafina does business, which is emphasized by its purpose: to play a leading role in reshaping our industry by creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Sucafina brings decades of quality and trade expertise. Their strong origin operations span from East Africa to South America. Existing positions in nearby Australia, Shanghai, and Hong Kong mean more choices for New Zealand roasters, including mixed pallet shipping.

Nicolas A. Tamari, CEO of Sucafina, said:

“At Sucafina, we believe that technology and innovation embedded in sustainability throughout the coffee supply chain is the blend for success. In the last few years, we have made big strides in sustainability, but we wanted to do more. I was absolutely convinced that Sucafina needed a sustainability strategy tailored to the needs of all our key stakeholders, a strategy that could guide our investments and be embedded into every part of our business and the work of every employee.”

During 2020, the Sucafina team built on this vision by developing an integrated strategy for sustainability that would pave the way to 2030 and beyond. An advisory team was set up comprised of managers from across the business, supported by an external consultant. The team reviewed Sucafina’s current actions, projects, and initiatives and collected extensive feedback from key stakeholders (employees, senior management, roasters, social partners, farming communities, and banks) about their most important sustainability topics.

The material topics identified by these stakeholders were then distilled down into three major pillars that will support the actions outlined in Sucafina’s strategy:

Graph pillars Sucafina

Justin Archer, Global Sustainability Manager at Sucafina, said:

“Our industry is at an important crossroads, with stakeholder capitalism and sustainability taking center stage in the corporate world. We need to work together to address the global and societal challenges we are now facing. It’s also vital that we better understand and internalize the true environmental and social cost of doing business in our supply chains. Our 2030 sustainability strategy provides a roadmap for the next decade, which will support us in achieving our vision to be the leading sustainable Farm to Roaster coffee company in the world.”

Sucafina’s 2020 sustainability report outlines the strategy in more detail, alongside summaries of many of its corporate social responsibility projects around the world. As this is Sucafina’s first annual sustainability report, the aim is to report back more comprehensively next year on the actions implemented as part of the strategy.

About Sucafina

Sucafina is a leading sustainable Farm to Roaster coffee company, with a family tradition in commodities that stretches back to 1905. Today, with more than 1,000 employees in 32 countries, the Group is one of the leading coffee trading houses in the world and one of the few focused entirely on coffee. Sucafina’s extensive supply chains span from producer-facing export operations to destination sales offices around the world.

Click below to download a copy of Sucafina’s 2020 sustainability report, “Shared Value for a Better Future.”