GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, September 29, 2021 – Speak Up: Sucafina's Grievance & Whistleblowing System

Employees’ and stakeholders’ concerns matter to us, and we are always looking for ways to make our workplace a better place.

At Sucafina, we are committed to complying with laws and regulations and to conducting our operations ethically. To help support our high standards, we are partnering with Convercent, a third-party compliance platform, to provide a confidential and secure space for our employees and stakeholders to bring up concerns or issues in the workplace.

To submit a complaint, all stakeholders, such as colleagues, suppliers, and community members, can do so via Speak Up, our dedicated Grievance and Whistleblowing System. We recognize that it can sometimes take a lot of courage to speak up. Rest assured that any information provided will be stored privately and securely and will be treated with sensitivity and respect.

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